Trying to be less addicted to my phone

I realised recently that the very first thing I was doing in the morning, right after opening my eyes, was checking my phone.

Messages, Twitter, Instagram, amongst other things. That’s the first thing I do when I wake up.

During a day, I check my phone tens, hundreds of time. I don’t even think about it, it’s just a reflex. Before I know it, I’ve opened Twitter and I’m doomscrolling. Or I’m checking Instagram stories from people I don’t know, photos of people I don’t follow.

This is stressing me out. I need to stop but somehow I’m not ready to uninstall the apps! What if something happens in the world and I don’t know about it??? (I know, it’s silly). I came across this video from Casey Neistat again a few days ago, and I relate a lot. I thought it was worth sharing.

I’ve moved social media apps to a different screen, and put them in a folder. I named that folder “Stress” because that’s how they make me feel anyway (whether I check them or not). The apps are still there, they’re just a little bit harder to find. So far it’s working. I unlock my phone without thinking about it, and when my thumb reaches for one of these apps, I have a few seconds of confusion, followed by “ah, yeah, right, phew, let’s just lock the phone now and not check social media”.

I’m going to keep doing that for a few days and see how I feel.

How silly is this? Imagine explaining this to our ancestors!

Screenshot of my phone with a page and only the Stress folder
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Letting go of music projects

After struggling to hit upload for about a year, I decided it was about time.

I have been working on the same music track for months now. And even though I like it, even though it makes me feel uplifted and makes me want to create, there’s something that’s not working, and I can’t figure out what.

Well, I probably could, but it’s not fun anymore. And so I’d like to move on.

This is me, trying to convince myself to let go.

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London and language

🇬🇧 Those of you who have been following me for a while know I moved from France to London almost 2 years ago.

While I keep working on various projects in my native language, I also started producing things in English. The main reasons are :

  • being able to share with people around me (who don’t speak French)
  • being able to share with way more people, everywhere

I might start writing in English here as well. I hope that’s okay. I might write a thing or two in French every once in a while. Just a heads up 🙂

🇫🇷 Ceux d’entre vous qui me suivent depuis un moment savent que j’habite à Londres, depuis presque 2 ans.

Même si je continue différents projets dans ma langue maternelle, j’ai aussi commencé à produire des trucs en Anglais. Les principales raisons :

  • pouvoir partager avec les gens autour de moi (qui ne parlent pas Français)
  • pouvoir partager avec beaucoup plus de gens, partout

Je vais certainement commencer à écrire en Anglais ici également. J’espère que ça vous pose pas trop de soucis. Je risque d’écrire en Français aussi un coup de temps en temps. Juste histoire de prévenir 🙂

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We Don’t Need Roads

Artwork Alice Des - We Don't Need Roads

Hey !

J’ai sorti une prod audio en Décembre dernier ! Ça s’appelle We Don’t Need Roads et c’est une track Synthwave / Retrowave / Chillwave que j’ai réalisé pour l’épisode spécial Noël des Sondiers, la dernière de l’année.

En gros c’est de la musique retro genre années 80 avec du synthé (pensez à la musique de la série Stranger Things, ou des films de John Carpenter). Le titre est en référence à Retour vers le Futur, vous l’aurez peut-être deviné !

Deux moyens de l’écouter, sur Youtube ou sur Hearthis. Le GIF est d’Alice Des  (Merci encore !).

Je n’avais jamais produit dans ce style musical, et j’ai vraiment adoré. Beaucoup de choses nouvelles, inspirations, techniques de production. Si vous aimez ce style, je vous conseille les mixtapes d’Asthenic sur Youtube, qui sélectionne des tracks Synthwave et en fait des compilations. J’aime bien aussi l’album Velvet Ears : Synthetic de Samuel Alexander Worskett (aussi sur Youtube).


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