Featured image of post Writing every day, looking back every month

Writing every day, looking back every month

In the past few weeks, I’ve picked up journaling. I’m trying to do it every day. It’s not always easy, but it feels good. I find it freeing.

Even though I am writing the analog way, in a Moleskine notebook, I like typing on a keyboard. I’ve finally decided to buy a mechanical keyboard to go with my Mac Mini (with an M2 Pro!). I picked a Keychron K2 v2, with brown switches.

It just feels nice to type on a nice keyboard. I know it’s not going to make me write more video scripts, or more blog posts, but it just makes it an enjoyable experience. And I want to focus on nice things a bit more, the little bits that make you happier during the week.

So while I’m attempting to keep up with journaling every day, I want to look back once a month, on how that month felt, what happened, what I’ve tried, what I am looking forward to. I think it’s a good exercise.

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