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My terrarium survived more than a year!

This is one of the things I am grateful for this week: my terrarium survived 365 days!

Between its creation on 15/06/2021 – during a terrarium making workshop over Zoom – and now, I have had a few hiccups . Unfortunately, one day I had to amputate part of it, as some of the plants were dying. I am not sure what happened. Did I put too much water or too little? Did I expose it to direct sunlight? Not sure, but I had to remove the unlucky plants before they started decomposing. Otherwise it would have risked the entire ecosystem.

Honestly I am quite surprised. Every pot of herbs I buy ends up dead within a few weeks, and a terrarium seems orders of magnitude more complicated. But, on the other hand, I managed to get a baby lemon tree out of one seed, so what do you know?

I think it’s all tropical plants, so I didn’t think it was going to last long in London, but so far so good! To celebrate, I put it’s original birth date on the jar using my label maker.

This might not be very creative per se, but there is a certain beauty in arranging life in a jar and watching it do its thing. Somehow it always goes in a different direction from what I originally intended. Actually, it feels quite similar to what happens when I make music!

Anyway, it brings me joy that I found a spot for it in my living room. I guess styling the place is some form of creative act. I think it contributes to me being inspired sometimes.

Life is made of little things I guess 🙂

My glorious terrarium on a warm summer day in London, showing some mist on the glass
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